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2e Monsters: Armipod Mimics [PF2e]


Frightful magically created insects that can consume nearly anything and camouflage themselves in urban environments, what a pain! With juveniles, adults, a Queen, Alphas, and a set of energy eating...

2e Monsters: Curseveil [PF2e]


Foggy woods and encroaching mist just became more terrifying. Curseveils sap memories from those that are encompassed by their fog or struck by their ghostly claws. Mad survivors from unfortunate...

2e Monsters: Mugrim [PF2e]


 Created by unscrupulous mages to act as servitors, these little creatures are small creatures, eager to serve, and horribly brainwashed. They maintain, defend, and work amid dungeons, towers, lairs, and...

2E Monsters: Reef Elasmobreaker [PF2e]


Cyber land-sharks from Numeria! These cybernetically enhanced sharks are a precursor to an upcoming product including several variations and related Numerian-altered-creatures. Fill out your 2e Numerian adventure with this and...

Blood of the First World: Oghan [PF1e]


This multi-focus book expands the character options of those who may want their pathfinder game to involve the bloodlines of fey in player and non-player characters alike. Harness your heritage...

Born of the Scale: Drophan [PF1e]


Enjoy this new advanced race (15RP) with a unique variance from the usual dragon-blooded races. Born to Half-dragons, or people descended from them, the Drophan are a race of great...

Eldritch Ancestries: Bugbear [PF2e]


Description: Escape the bonds of your past as a bugbear! These goblinoid peoples are swiftly becoming more and more understood and escaping from situations that have trapped them in darkness...

Eldritch Ancestries: Felsine [PF2e]


This new Pathfinder Second Edition ancestry is for the cat lovers! The felsine are a small but adaptable people. They hold great respect for the providers in society and strive...

Eldritch Ancestries: Grippli [PF2e]


*includes screen reader friendly version for visually impaired folx*   Grippli are a spiritual and family oriented folk, including the families they find. Spirits and insects answer their call. Will...

Eldritch Ancestries: Merfolk [PF2e]


The seas hold many wonders, one of them is YOU! The merfolk ancestry Comes is our most filled out ancestry yet! With a variety of heritages, feats, weapons, alchemical items,...

Eldritch Ancestries: Morshes [PF2e]


I AM MORSH!!! Morshes are a people formed by the desperation of nature spirits in times of extreme danger. They protect the natural world and their little kin, the leshies....

Eldritch Dedications: Lich


Description: Become the Lich, cast off your earthly bonds and ascend beyond mortality! With this Pathfinder Second Edition supplement  you can attain lichdom through a dedication feat archetype! Shape your...

Eldritch Heritage: Chili Leshy [PF2e]


Bring the heat with this SPICY new heritage for the fleshy ancestry, with two accompanying feats! Burn your enemies with spicey chemicals, throw bursting peppers, and harness your temper to...

Eldritch Heritage: Necrid [PF2e]


Undeath can come for anyone... EVEN YOU! This new universal heritage for the Pathfinder Second Edition system allows you to become an undead, with two options on how to play:...

Fantastical Archetypes: Fablemaster [PF1e]


There are summoners that make pacts with outsiders, spirits, and cards. But there is one who unleashes the spirit of stories themselves, this is the Fablemaster. Those who delve too...

Fantastical Archetypes: Necrobotanist [PF1e]


Some druids see death as a part of the great cycle, and leave it at that. However, there are those that capitalize on this stage of the cycle of life...

Micro Mechanics Bundle [PF1e]


These 2 PDFs offer some alternate mechanics for potions and creature sizes. Potion sizes allows for multi-use potions, with incentives to refill, instead of replace. Creature sizes adds 4 new...

Ms.Mizomei’s Marvelous Mercantile of Misuse [PF1e]


22 magical items ranging from silly to horrific and incredible to niche, all of which are a little odd and a lot of fun! Need a pouch that gives pickpockets...

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