Care for your NERDWear

All wearables we sell will come with a tag with specific care instructions for that particular garment, but since most tops come with "Tearaway Labels", we've provided some general tips to help keep your SoNERDWear in good condition.

- When washing a printed Tee, Tank, or Sweatshirt, we recommend that you turn the garment inside-out before putting in the washing machine.

- Wash in COLD water. Your machines standard wash cycle is fine, though washing on a Gentle cycle is always better when you can.

- Tumble Dry on LOW. This one is important. You can easily ruin just about anything you own by drying it on HIGH. Prompt removal of your garments is also important to reduce wrinkling as we do not recommend Ironing your garments. A good dryer-sheet Fabric Softener can help immensely with this. 


We here at SoNERDWear are always available to help if you have questions or concerns about anything we sell. Feel free to click the "CONTACT US" button at the bottom of the page anytime. Thank you for choosing SoNERDWear!