This webstore has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Honestly, I never really thought it would happen... but here we are. While it isn't much, it is live and open for business. 

So, what is this store about? It's a place for Tabletop Game Nerds like myself. We've got unique designs that you can have custom printed on T-Shirts, Tank tops, Stickers, and Mousepads. We are close to adding many more options in the coming weeks that will include Phone Cases, Mugs, Hoodies, Socks, Notebooks and more. The designs available here aren't just my own, I've been blessed with the honor to share some D&D inspired sports-team logos from Joy Coe @DireFoxicorn with you all. Be sure to check out her collection, and be sure to keep an eye out for more designs to come!

How does this all work? I have partnered with a couple companies that offer "Print-On-Demand" services. I am able to put our designs on many different products, with many color and size options, so you can choose what you to buy. You can have that "Beard20" on a Small Mens T-Shirt, or an XL Womens Tank, a sticker... you've got options! When you place an order, my partners get to work making your custom items. This is process that takes some extra time, but I hope you'll think the time is worth getting something unique and fun.

Why so few options? This is just the beginning folks. I am currently in the process of going through all available options, ensuring that what ever products we sell are something that I personally would want to own or feel very confident in gifting to friends and family. So, before adding product options to the store, I order samples of everything. Obviously this takes time, and some investment on my part, but I don't want to put my art or my friends art on substandard product.

What now? A good place to start is by joining the SoNERDFam Mailing List. You'll receive promotional discount codes, updates on product and design additions, and we promise not to spam you with constant emails. Nobody needs a daily email from any store.

And then? Once you've signed up for SoNERDFam, take a look around and see if you find something you'd like to take home for yourself or someone you care about. If you ever have any questions, comments, and.or suggestions, you can email me at anytime matty@sonerdwear.com or hit me up on Twitter

There really is a lot more in store for this shop, so definitely stay tuned.

With Love, -Matty