I'm terrible at keeping up with these things, but here we are again. We're only a couple of months from our 2 year anniversary here at SoNERDWear, which completely blows my mind. But as of today, we currently handle merch for 24 community artists, streamers, and podcasts. That's quite the family! 

Things certainly haven't been without it's challenges, but I'm too much of an unapologetic optimist to let a few months of hell keep me down. So, onward and upward!


Yes, so this is now the 4th iteration of SoNERDWear.com. While the last iteration looked great, it was slower than dirt and just too bogged down by code. This new site is faster, leaner, and should grow well. Hopefully folks find this more responsive and more usable. What do you think so far?


This is just the beginning. I solumely swear to update this blog at least once a week, if not more. I'll use it to keep folks up-to-date on how the ongoing pandemic is affecting the business and your new geeky gear. Also, comments are open, so if you'd like to drop a question, comment, or even a suggestion, please feel free. 

More on COVID19 tomorrow, until then, always remember that Queer Pride Month is every fucking month here at SoNERDWear! 😘